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Have you noticed that sometimes you walk into the house and immediately impressed by the design of the kitchen? Everything just looks right, color coordinated, and matching. Would you want to design the kitchen of your dream? There are many kitchen design ideas, but pick the one that fits the lifestyle the most. Most of the time, a lot of thought was put into designing and positioning everything into the right places in that kitchen and picking the matching colors, textures, styles, counter tops, finishes, appliances, cabinets, tile, fixtures.

Here are 5 top kitchen design ideas that will help you design the kitchen of your dreams and impress your friends

1. Keep the eye moving

Most impressive kitchen have a very smooth flow. Keep the eye moving within the kitchen and if the kitchen opens up into the living room, continue the flow. Paint the ceiling in the lighter color than the wall. It’s always important to have some objects or something that attract your eye to move along to the next space. Keep everything along the same lines. It’s important to hide all the cords, moldings, electrical backsplash that stop the eye and interfere with the design.

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2. Choose the right fixtures

It is important to choose fixtures with clean lines, as it wont’ create visual clutter. In this case, the kitchen will have great functionality and have all the fixtures needed, but at the same time looks very impressive.

3. Pick the proper sink position and location

If the sink is by the window, it’s best to box out the window which will give the feeling the space behind the counter. It is always great to have extended area with recessed window place where some plants could be placed. So it would be important to choose one focal point and concentrate on that. Sinks for kitchen usually come in different styles 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 or one bowl. The size of the sink should depend on the convenience and where is located what in the kitchen. For example, some people prefer to revert and have, for example 40/60 instead of 60/40, as there is the preference where the disposal should be.

4. Choose countertop – granite, quartz, marble

The choice of the countertop should depend on several factors: cleanability, durability, style, look. There is no right or wrong choice between granite or quartz, but they have different features, and depending on the taste and style, the choice can vary. Take into the consideration how often you use the kitchen, what style do you like: traditional, contemporary, country. Some granite slabs are very exotic and will add a statement to the kitchen, but some are quite neutral. Granite usually goes very well for traditional and country styles. Quartz has much more consistent look and very suitable for contemporary kitchens.

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5. Resist the temptation

Resist the temptation to maximize the storage and create many rows of cabinets for storage. Even though it might be quite functional, but the room will look too closed in and boxed. It is much better to have a balance between the closed cabinets and some open shelves, and in this case, the kitchen will look more spacious.

When it comes to kitchen design ideas, there are many possibilities, but take into the consideration the lifestyle, personal tastes and preferences.

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